Documentary 90 min, HD, 2022
Director: Dér Asia
Producer: Peter Kerekes
Co-producer: Ugrin Julianna, Zurbó Zsófia
script: Dér Asia, Czímer Gábor, Jakubecz László
Cinematography: Domokos Balázs HCA
Editing: Erdélyi Flóra HSE
Dramaturg: Daoud Dániel
Sound: Martin Merc
Music: Veronika Harcsa
Co-production: Kerekes Peter SRO, Éclipse Film
Lajos Kassák was a self-educated working-class poet, the father of the Hungarian Avant-garde, leftist thinker who believed in the revolutionary power of art.
His life surpasses many historical eras; he lived under the left and right-wing dictatorships, through wars and revolutions.
He was in a constant state of internal opposition, rejected by all the regimes he lived through. He never abandoned his ideals, even if faced with imprisonment, emigration or abandonment by his friends.
It has been over 50 years since the death of Lajos Kassak. What can we do with his legacy?
The film confronts Kassák's revolutionary, deeply human dilemmas with contemporary Hungarian and Slovak artists searching for their place in the radicalizing eastern european political climate. The film shows glimps from the life of a young artist working in a left-wing bar, a world traveler performance artist, an autodidact roma painter and an elderly artist who was a feminist symbol in the 70s.
What is society, activism, independence and success for them? What world order are they fighting for? Can an independent thinker change society?
Past and present meets, collides and shows eyes opening parallelities through an exciting documentary journey.