Work in progress | Feature, 35mm, 52 min, Drama
The Libel
Director, Scriptwriter: Diana Groó
Producer: Julianna Ugrin
Co-producer: George Weisz
Executive Producer: Agnes Böjte
12 years before the Dreyfus Affair, on April 1882, a 14-year-old Hungarian peasant girl from Tiszaeszlár heads out to the store, never to return home. 15 Orthodox Jews are arrested by authorities under the accusation of ritual murder. Móric Scharf A 13 years old Jewish boy intimidated and tortured into testifying falsely against his parents and co-religionists The role of defense attorney is assumed by Károly Eötvös , a leading jurist, a member of Parliament. A trial begins, one that has been going on for a thousand years and is still not over.