Documentary 52 min, HD, 2019
Above the Line
Vonal felett
Director: Anikó Mária Nagy
Producer: Julianna Ugrin
Associate producer: Zsófia Zurbó
Director of Photography: Bence Bartos
Editor: Bence Bartos
Sound mixer: Rudolf Várhegyi
Above the Line is a documentary which follows the fight of two swimmer sisters for the Olympic medal through which they hope to accomplish their mother’s dream. ADÉL and JANKA live in a small town in Hungary. They learned swimming in the 19m indoor pool of the town and have been training there most of the year ever since, although they have both become multiple national and European youth champions meanwhile. This is how their mother, KATALIN, who raises them alone, describes their desperate situation: “When winter came, I told the girls that we can either afford to pay for the heating or eat well and go to competitions. Adél replied in an instant that we would eat and go compete.”Their goal is to qualify and win at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The story takes place in a current and prosaic environment. We see the girls in the trainings, at home, at competitions where they seem to be controlling the situation, but the control is only seemingly in their hands. Their mother is actually behind all their decisions. She fanatically pushes them because she believes that good is not enough, you must be on the top and once you are there it does not matter what it cost to get there.Success has a price, problems emerge besides it and they leave their mark on the girls’ performance. They not only have to fight with their mom but also start to rivalize and - admit it or not - they do not compete for each other anymore but against one another. The sensitive Adél has a hard time accepting that her younger sister has caught up with her and sometimes even outshines her.Will they be able to overpass their own selfishness, face the problems and find new goals? Above the Line is a multiple coming-of-age story of the sisters who pursue their dream about the Olympics, and a mother who has to face the fact that despite her caring love she may have made a wrong decision and turned daughters against each other. Talent worth everything? Or are there other values which are more important?
Supported by:

  • MTVA
  • NMHH,
  • Creative Europe MEDIA