Documentary 90 min, HD, 2015
HOT Men, COLD dictatorships
Meleg Férfiak, hideg diktatúrák
Director: Mária Takács
Producer: Julianna Ugrin
Director of Photography: Klára Trencsényi, Michel, István Szőnyi, Márton Vízkelety
Editor: Éva Palotai
Sound: Péter Almásy
A feature documentary, dealing with the personal dramas of gay men living in communist Hungary. Has the situation of gay men improved since the fall of communism or homophobia is even worse today?
HOT Men COLD Dictatorships is the first documentary produced in our region that deals with the generations of older and younger gay men. We feel that it is important to preserve these life stories now while we have the opportunity to interview the older members of our community. It is also exciting how the young generation, who appear in the film as the investigators discuss what they hear through their personal experiences and via interpreting social conventions.
Supported by:
  • Civil Művek
  • Ceská Televize
  • 4Cut
  • British Embassy
  • ERSTE Stiftung
  • Trut Fonds
  • Origo Filmgroup
  • Filmjus
  • Open Society Foundation
  • AK AIDS Köln