Documentary 90 min, HD, 2017
Liquid Gold
Folyékony arany
Director: Tamás Almási
Producer: Julianna Ugrin
Director of Photography: Márton Vízkelety
Editor: László Hargittai
Sound mixer: Gábor Balázs
Music: László Dés
Tokaj is one of the best-known wine region in the world. In the past King Louis XIV of France, Queen Victoria, Peter the Great, Empress Elizabeth of Russia, Goethe or Beethoven drank their sweet wine, the Tokaji Aszú that was referred to as the “Wine of Kings, King of Wines". But in the 20th century the region was almost destroyed, first World War II, later the mass-production during the socialist era caused serious damage. Since 1989, the region struggles to get back to their previous fame and to become acknowledged again. But they have to face a new challenge: capitalism and the global market. Can they compete with the biggest international wine producers meanwhile they work in one of the most poverty-stricken area of Hungary? This struggle is shown along the birth of wine, from the growth of grapes to be bottled that is a true suffering, takes many years and the winemakers have to fight with so many unexpected circumstances.
The film introduces this unique, yet universal battle through three winemakers: one of them is descendant of a family in which wine-making has been the tradition for many generations, the other one works for an international company as managing director in the region, and the third one was originally a sociologist who fell in love with wine and moved to Tokaj recently. These characters fight in different ways, but the goal is the same: making the “Big Wine.
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