Documentary 77 min, HD, 2015
Song Brothers
Engedem, hadd menjen
Director: Balázs Lévai
Producer: Julianna Ugrin
Director of Photography: András Kőrösi, István Dala
Editor: Ferenc Kovács
Sound: Dániel Böhm
Music: János Csík, Csík Orchestra, Tibor Kiss, Quimby Orchestra, Erdőszombattelki Music Band
Quimby is a popular alternative rock band in Hungary. In 2003, they had to take a break when Tibor Kiss, their singer and songwriter went to rehab for over a year. After returning to the band he wrote one of their most emblematic song, Broken glass paradise, built on his experiences during the recovery. But it didn’t become a success right away.
Years later the Csík Band decided to cover it and with that the song became more popular than anyone would have thought. János Csík formed his band in 1988 and today they are one of the most popular folk bands in Hungary. The key to their success is that they created a new style: they cover pop songs using folk instruments and motifs. They reached nationwide success with the cover made on Broken glass paradise that was seen by more than 15 million people. Many people who don’t know the original version even think that it is based on a folk song. The Csík Band worked a folk motif known in the Erdőszombattelke region in Transylvania into the song. The folk band who used this motif lives in a god-forgotten part of the country, the members are the Varga and Rostas family in which the two old fathers (and now the children too) played music together. The Varga family has Hungarian roots also and they play special music in which the Hungarian and Romanian tradition meet. But recently they lost the cohesive force from the band: Varga László passed away. They still haven’t got through this loss and try to figure out how they can continue without him.
In each band they need to face resumption somehow and their stories unit in this emblematic song.
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